Founded in Upstate New York, Highbridge Development was established in 1999 to focus its efforts on the expansion and empowerment of its community and residents. Our commitment is to follow a community-first approach – we are proud to help develop the area in which we call home. 


Highbridge Development is a full-service development company driven by an internal team of talented real estate professionals whose combined breadth of experience includes all areas of real estate development. Clear communication and proficient execution enable us to successfully acquire, finance, develop, market, and manage the most sophisticated development projects.

From Time Warner Cable’s Northeast Regional Headquarters, to SEFCU Square in downtown Schenectady, the SuperPower industrial complex and Mansion Square, we are knowledgeable in all areas of real-estate development. We partner with leading architects and construction firms throughout the area to ensure each and every project is completed at a superior level.


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At Highbridge Development, safety is our number one priority, and is a dedicated part of our culture. All  employees and personnel work together as part of our Safety Committee to accomplish the goal of jobsite safety and risk mitigation. This is practiced on a daily basis both on and off site.